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Tết’s Mandila: Happy Lunar New Year – Year of the Pig.

Tết’s Mandila: Happy Lunar New Year – Year of the Pig.

Mandila Beach Hotel BLOG Tết’s Mandila: Happy Lunar New Year – Year of the Pig.
+84 (0)236 730 6666
+84 (0)236 730 6666
Tết’s Mandila: Happy Lunar New Year – Year of the Pig.

Tết is one of the most important traditional holidays of Vietnamese Culture at end of year. This is the special occasion which many unique spiritual values and cultural quintessence of the Vietnamese people are most clearly shown.

Nowadays, things have changed a lot with the beat modern life, therefore, perhaps we may sometimes forget about many beautiful traditional customs. But in the mind of the Vietnamese people, still eager to look forward to Tết. Because this is the special opportunity for people to reunite with their families and wish each other all the best for the New Year.

Let’s join with Mandila to remind and inspire these beautiful Tết holidays!

Chưng & Tét Cakes – The typical flavor of Vietnamese traditional Tet.

In Vietnamese traditional Tet, Chưng & Tét Cakes have long become the unique and irreplace dish in Vietnamese family meals on Tet Holidays.

These cakes are made from glutinous rice, mung beans, pork and other ingredients. Considered as an essential element of the family meals and put on altar with all of respective on the occasion of Tết, the making and eating of Bánh Chưng during this time is a well-preserved tradition of Vietnamese people.

This unique custom on Tết holidays is the express of Vietnamese traditional ethics “Gratitude is the sign of noble souls”.  This traditional beauty of the nation always has been preserved by Vietnamese people until nowadays. Would you love to taste this special cake of Tết? Let’s we bring you our Tet’s Set Menu only at VND 199,000net/person. Please contact us for further information and reservations!

Tet’s Mandila – New Year Worship and New Year’s Eve.

The New Year Worship is one of the most special cultural features of the Vietnamese people in the last day of Lunar Year – 30th of Tet Lunar Calendar.  In order to remember of the old day and prepare for the New Year usually, each family will make a traditional meal to place on ancestor altar. People will gathering together beside the year end dinner, talking about old stories and wish each other all the best for the upcoming New Year.

In the occasion of Lunar New Year, Mandila Beach Hotel wishes you and your family a joyful, healthy and prosperous New Year 2019.

Tết’s Mandila: “Xông đất” – The first person to enter a house.

Lunar New Year is an occasion when many spiritual and cultural values of Vietnamese people are most clearly shown through many interesting customs and habits. According to the Vietnamese belief, the first day of the year is the most important day that affects the luck of the whole year. Therefore, it is very important to choose the person who first enter the home. A person who has a cheerful, sociable personality as well as good morality and succeeds in life is always prefered to be chosen.

Where have you been this first day of the year?! Get by Mandila Beach Hotel for a cup of tea and wish you all the best!

Tet’s Mandila: Lucky Money

Not much difference to these old days, Giving Lucky Money is always the most beautiful custom of Vietnamese people on Tet. On Tet’s holiday, family reunions, adults give lucky money to children, wishing them good health and luck. Likewise, children and grandchildren also give lucky money to their grandparents and wish them long live and prosperous New Year.

Envelopes of lucky money also have many good thoughts. The lucky red envelops is usually in red, meaning the good and luck. Moreover receiving or giving away lucky money is also believed as exchange luck to each other’s.

Tết’s Mandila: Visiting Pagodas

Visiting pagodas on Lunar New Year days is one of the most critical culture custom of Vietnamese. On this occasion, people visit pagodas wishing for the best luck, health and prosperous for themselves and their family members.

Here is the list of some famous pagodas in Da Nang:


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